Q: What is your work catchment area ?
A: Principally, Greater London and the South-East Although, we welcome customers from all parts of the UK

Q: How is the work collected ?
A: Depending on your locality, collection is from yourselves either by us or courier. Alternatively, you may wish to e-mail / fax / post with a follow up discussion via telephone on receipt of your design brief . Once your requirements are clear, we go to work at our South West London design offices.

Q: As a project progress, how will you deal with updates.
A: We will work with you all the way as your project progresses and collect as many updates as necessary to ensure we are in front of ourselves with your requirements.
Once completed, we will provide you with
CAD drawings in electronic & hardcopy formats.

Q: Can we get in touch with last minute drawing updates
A: Yes. We welcome the challenge !!

Q: Are you willing to attend site meetings and produce site reports on project progression & surveys on our behalf.
A: Yes. We deliver to you the best possible service at all times.

Q: What are your payment terms ?
A: For small projects costs up to £50 and all new customers, full payment is required before work starts on your project.
For medium sized projects with costs up to £250,
a deposit of 40% and balance payable on completion.
For large sized projects with costs up to £500,
a deposit of 60% and balance payable on completion.

Q: What do you mean by a small building survey ?
A: Floor area up to 150sqm (1614.59sq ft).
Size of a 2- bedroom house or Estate Agent’s office.

Q: What about a medium building survey ?
A: Floor area up to 250sqm (2691sq ft)
Size of a 4-bedroom house or an open plan office.

Q: Okay, how long would it take to fully survey & CAD draw ?
A: Survey: Small = 2.0 hour Medium = 3 hours
CAD draw: Small = 2.5 hours Medium = 3 hours

Q: What are your charges like ?
A: Very competitive. Please refer to our Cost tab

Q: What turnaround period do you work on ?
A: Usually up to 48 hours depending on your timeframe.

Q: Would you draw CAD floorplans from client sketches ?
A: Yes. However, we cannot be liable for any inaccurate measurements or missed dimensions from sketches.

Q: What about photos to go with the CAD drawing ?
A: We can take photos and paste onto your CAD floorplan.

Q: What about headroom details ?
A: Yes we can specify headroom details.

Q: Would you provide scaled drawings ?
A: Yes. All floorplans are drawn to scale with a tick strip added for perfect measurement of individual drawing details.